Chinese State Media Accuses 'West' of Bias, 'Prejudice' in Olympics Coverage

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(Credit: Global Times, screenshot)

Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency claimed “Western writers” reporting on Chinese Olympic athletes contains “prejudice against Chinese athletes,” the Associated Press reported.

In question are claims that a Chinese record-breaking swimmer Ye Shiwen “may be using drugs,” which the Chinese media denied. The BBC noted that the British Olympic Association’s chairman “revealed that Ye had passed all drugs tests.”

China’s Global Times claimed in an August 1 report “West being petty over Ye’s amazing speed,” and that “Negative comments about her and Chinese athletes come from deep bias and reluctance from the Western press to see Chinese people making breakthroughs.  If Ye were an American, the tone would be different in Western media.”

The Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time blog reported that “Chinese demand apology” for the accusations against Ye.

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Chinese State Media Accuses ‘West’ of Bias, ‘Prejudice’ in Olympic Coverage

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