Ghana President's Nephew: The Statesman's Aston Martin story is Fake, Will Sue

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Kojo Mills claims a story by the Statesman is false. (Credit: Ghana web, screenshot, highlight added)

The nephew of Ghana’s president intends to file a lawsuit against the Statesman after the newspaper published what he says is a fake story, Ghana Web reported. The story, “Mills’ Nephew Buys $285,000 Car,” claims that Ghana president Evan Atta-Mills’ nephew Kojo Mills bought an Aston Martin, according to Ghana Web.  This is the story in question, published by The Statesman, a Ghana newspaper.

Mills denied that he owns the car.  “I’ll sue the Statesman and try and teach them a lesson to use the money for a better course.”  Kojo Mills is quoted as saying.

iMediaEthics has written to the Statesman for comment and will update with any response.

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Ghana President’s Nephew: The Statesman’s Aston Martin story is Fake, Will Sue

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