Swedish Publication Burns American Hogzilla II Hunt Hoax

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Swedish publication, Jaktjournalen, featured reporter's analysis of American based Hogzilla II hoax.

The Monster Pig created an international sizzle and reinforced some hard-to-shake American stereotypes – that of the ultra-violent, gun-toting, overweight bully. It also raised the hackles of the Swedish hunting magazine, Jaktjournalen, which questioned the ethics of both the American media report and the hunt. Hear what writer Carina Christiansen had to say about it.

A Swedish hunters’ magazine,Jaktjournalen, is the first print magazine that, to iMediaEthics’ knowledge, has given readers the true story about the monster pig” shot by an eleven year-old in Alabama in May. See pdf of original full color article.

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INTERPORK : Swedish hunting magazine discusses Monster Pig shooting

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