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EPIX says it always planned to move Under the Gun to Video on Demand. (Credit: Under the Gun, screenshot)

No, the entertainment company EPIX did not pull the Katie Couric-produced gun documentary Under the Gun after the mounting criticism of it for a misleading edit.

iMediaEthics saw reports like this from the Daily Caller, “BREAKING: Katie Couric’s Gun Documentary Pulled Offline,” The Inquisitr’s “Katie Couric’s Gun Documentary ‘Pulled’ from EPIX, Slammed for Misleading Edit,” and Bearing Arm’s “Breaking: EPIX Pulls Katie Couric’s Fraudulent Documentary ‘Under the Gun.'” 

iMediaEthics asked EPIX if it did pull the documentary in light of the criticism.

EPIX spokesperson Nora Ryan told iMediaEthics the documentary was long-planned to go off of its “premium window” on EPIX and to be in video-on-demand programs.

“As of today, Under the Gun moves out of the premium window – off of EPIX – and into a transactional VOD and EST window. This is part of the original agreement struck when we acquired the doc coming out of the Sundance Film Festival.  The distribution strategy allowed us to premiere the doc on the network and also preserve maximum value for the transactional VOD and EST windows that follow.  We did not pull the doc and there is nothing going on other than the distribution plan negotiated in January.  The doc is now available in transactional VOD and EST.”

Couric apologized recently for the misleading edit, which added nearly ten seconds of a pause between her question and the answer of gun rights advocates. The pause, it was suggested by the advocates, was inserted to make them look bad.

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Was Katie Couric’s Under the Gun ‘Pulled’? EPIX Says No.

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