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(Credit: LBC/Facebook)

LBC Radio in England aired a paid interview with a healthcare provider called Bupa, but didn’t disclose it to listeners.

That broke broadcasting guidelines, the UK broadcasting regulator OfCom ruled.

The May 22 interview triggered a complaint from a listener who thought the interview “sounded prepared” and similar to “an advert.”

It turned out that listener was right because LBC Radio fessed up to OfCom that it had an agreement where it would air an interview with Bupa in which Bupa had “sign-off on each of the interview questions.”

Typically, LBC Radio told OfCom it discloses that the interview is paid but “due to human error” it didn’t in this case. LBC Radio had a feature where it was airing paid interviews for Mental Health Awareness Week with various people.

Hat Tip: Press Gazette

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LBC Radio aired paid interview without disclosure

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