Mail on Sunday Retracts Story on Wimbledon Commentator

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A Google search still shows the Daily Mail's inaccurate article reporting Tim Henman's payout for serving as commentator at Wimbledon. (Credit: Google search, screenshot)

The Mail on Sunday has retracted an inaccurate story claiming the BBC was paying Tim Henman £200,000 to commentate Wimbledon, Tabloid Watch reported.  Henman is a retired tennis player.

The Mail on Sunday retracted the story and published an apology explaining Henman would be paid “substantially less than that.”

A Google search of “Tim Henman Wimbledon” produces stories by the Daily Star, the Mirror, and the Express reporting the £200,000 figure (or £14,000 a day), but if you click through the links, you no longer find the stories. It appears those outlets have unpublished the story.

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Mail on Sunday Retracts Story on Wimbledon Commentator

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