New Burmese Press Council Drafts Ethics Code

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Irrawaddy's ethics code, pictured above. (Credit: Irrawaddy, screenshot)

Two months after being set up, Burma’s Interim Press Council has “drafted a new 15-point code of ethics” for Burmese journalists, “independent news group” Irrawaddy reported.

Tenets of the code relate to “accuracy, unbiased reporting,” corrections, anonymous sources and libel.

The Press Council’s Information and Public Relations Committee coordinator, Thiha Saw, is quoted as saying that “We welcome suggestions from journalists on this draft, as we want to have all-inclusive views. Any good suggestions will be included in the final draft.”

Irrawaddy as its own set of Journalism Guidelines for Staff Writers, published on its website.

iMediaEthics wrote in August about criticism of the new press council. Check out all of our stories on Burmese media ethics.

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New Burmese Press Council Drafts Ethics Code

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