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The American’s Andrew Biggs questioned the New York Times’ editorial fact-checking after reading what he called “dubious assertions” in the June 20 op-ed “Get Radical: Raise Social Security.”

Biggs noted that he has written articles for the Times’ editorial section and website and each time “they fact-checked the articles, as they should have, and I responded with revisions where needed.”

Biggs claimed that the op-ed, by “labor lawyer” Thomas Geoghegan, had incorrect facts about Social Security and countered with the facts from this paper, which Biggs co-wrote with the Social Security Administration’s Glenn Springstead.

The American is the journal for “nonpartisan, not-for-profit,” the American Enterprise Institute.

SourceWatch describes the institute as “an extremely influential, pro-business, conservative think tank.”


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New York Times Fact-Checking Social Security Claims?

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