Video Hoax: F-Bombing By Fox News Reporter Not Real

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A screenshot from the hoax video. (Credit: YouTube, 'Caindabomb,' screenshot)

The viral video of a reporter saying he wanted to “f***” a missing woman is fake.

The YouTube video, posted on account “caindabomb,” has more than 1 million views. The video is titled “Reporter fired for remarks about missing woman on LIVE TV.” See it below:

It shows a male reporter saying the f-word numerous times about a 20-year-old and then cuts back to a female reporter at a news desk apologizing.

The male shown on camera, speaking from an outside location, says:

“Oh I don’t care if she’s 20. Hell, I’d f— her. You can’t say you wouldn’t f— her. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when they find her. I’ll go and f— her. I’ll f— her right in the p—y.”

Then the clip cuts back to a studio where you hear gasps and the female reporter says “alright well we definitely apologize for that editing error in that story. We’re going to switch gears now…”

But, the male’s comments were not part of a real broadcast.  The male likely recorded them and spliced his part of the video in with a real segment of a real news anchor apologizing.

The apology statement was legitimate from a June 2013 broadcast of “Spokane anchor Kjerstin Ramsing apologizing for a real bit of f-bombing by reporter Linsday Nadrich.” Video of the real apology and segment is posted over on Mediaite’s website.

iMediaEthics asked Ramsing for confirmation and comment on the video. She told us by e-mail:  “I can’t comment on that video other than to say, that reporter does not work at my television station.  That video has been edited.”

Ramsing also responded to the video on Twitter.


The video also included a few tipoffs that it was phony. Mediaite also noted that the phony male reporter didn’t have a “microphone with a station logo” and was using “an earbud from an iPod as his earpiece.”

According to the Epoch Times, the YouTube video said it was on the disappearance of 20-year-old Jena Chisholm, who would have been the subject of the reporter’s crude remarks.  Chisholm has since been located.

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Video Hoax: F-Bombing By Fox News Reporter Not Real

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