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Nine months after being fired for plagiarism, editor Filip Miucin apologized for plagiarizing from Boomstick Gaming.

Miucin’s April apology was in a YouTube video, Nintendo Enthusiast reported.

“I’m sorry Boomstick Gaming for taking words and concepts from your Dead Cells review, and passing them off as my own,” Miucin said. “It was an incredibly selfish act and as a fellow content creator, I should have known better. I realize the amount of time and effort that you must have put into putting out such an elaborate and well-thought-out review and I can only imagine how violated you must have felt when you realize what had happened.”

He also apologized to Nintendo Life, Nintendo Wire, Engadget and Polygon for lifting from them in certain reviews. “Lastly I’d like to apologize to everyone at IGN for essentially dragging them under the bus with me,” he commented.

As iMediaEthics reported, back in August 2018, IGN Entertainment fired Miucin after finding “substantial similarities” between Miucin’s Dead Cells game review and Boomstick Gaming‘s review of the game. IGN calls itself
 “the leading Internet media company focused on the video game and entertainment enthusiast markets.” IGN also deleted Miucin’s reviews from its website.

iMediaEthics has written to IGN and tweeted Miucin for more information.

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IGN editor apologizes 9 months later for plagiarism

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