TechCrunch's Paul Carr Resigns

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As iMediaEthics has written, TechCrunch’s founder Michael Arrington resigned Sept. 12 after 11 days of TechCrunch’s owner AOL/Huffington Post wavering on what his role at the company was.

Now, just a few days later, another TechCrunch employee is leaving.  The site’s Paul Carr announced his resignation yesterday. He had stated earlier in the month that he would leave the site if Arrington didn’t get to pick “his successor.”

Carr stated that the new editor of the site, Erick Schonfeld, “was Arianna Huffington’s choice, not TechCrunch.”  In closing, Carr thanked Arrington and other TechCrunch staff.

Read Carr’s post here. Schonfeld responded in a post titled “Paul, I accept your resignation.” Schonfeld commented that Carr’s public posts about his role at TechCrunch aren’t “standing up for the editorial independence of the site,” but just “grandstanding.”  He stated that he would leave Carr’s resignation post and denied that Huffington “appointed me editor single-handedly.”

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UPDATE: 09/17/2011: 3:29 PM EST: Fixed two typos.

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TechCrunch’s Paul Carr Resigns

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