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Adele's latest album.

The New York Times and the Huffington Post have produced two noteworthy corrections this month that we have to share.

First, the New York Times cleverly corrected a lyric mess-up on its review of Adele’s new album 25. The Nov. 18 review now carries this entertaining correction of the lyrics to her new hit song “Hello.”

The article “misstated part of a lyric from the song ‘Hello,'” the Nov. 20 correction reads in part. “Adele sings ‘Hello from the other siiiiide, I must have called a thousand tiiiiimes’; ‘Hello from the outsiiiiiide’ appears later in the story.”


Then the Huffington Post had a more serious pop culture correction the same day. The Huffington Post‘s correction, along with an apology, addressed a tweet that matched a picture of Zayn Malik, a former member of boy band One Direction, with a story on ISIS. “We apologize for the original image here,” the Huffington Post tweet says. “Zayn Malik is mentioned in the story, but is obviously not part of ISIS.”

The tweet showed Malik touching his eyebrow with the words “What ISIS wants: to destroy the ‘gray zone of coexistence'” as well as a link to a Huffington Post article.

According to Gossip Cop, the article in question “is about the ‘gray zone of coexistence’ between Muslims and non-Muslims in the western world. Malik is cited as an example of a famous Muslim who rejects the radical ideology of the terror group, and has embraced the cultural principles of the West.”

Gossip Cop noted that following the terror attacks in Paris, Malik “was hit with a barrage of hate on Twitter when a ridiculous rumor spread that Malik was one of the gunman involved in the ISIS Paris attacks.”

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Two Noteworthy Pop Culture Corrections: Adele Song Lyrics & Zayn Malik not in ISIS

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