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We’re barely into 2019, but we already have some entertaining and noteworthy media corrections to flag.

1.We’ve seen pictures of the moon’s far side before.

NPR reported on a Chinese state media report stating China has landed on the far side of the moon. But, NPR erred in reporting that China also obtained the first pictures of the moon’s far side. The Jan. 3 correction:

“A previous version of this story and a photo caption said these are the first photos ever seen of the moon’s normally hidden far side. Previous photos have been taken from space. These are the first images captured from the surface.”

2. The journalism advocacy organization CPJ isn’t projecting journalists; it wants to protect journalists. The journalists at the New York Times, however, made an unfortunate typo that tweaked the CPJ description. The January 3 correction reads:

“An article on Wednesday about Netflix’s decision to pull an episode of “Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj” from its platform in Saudi Arabia misstated the name of an organization that has documented a crackdown on Saudi journalists. It is the Committee to Protect Journalists, not the Committee to Project Journalists.”

3. Photo of Nutella with Story on Killed Dog?

USA Today mixed up an image with a story on a tweet about two news stories. The USA Today January correction:

News: A tweet linking to two stories was deleted, because the chatter matched the first link, about a dog shot by a police officer, but the image matched the second link, about a 7-pound bucket of Nutella. The story was re-shared on Twitter with the original chatter and just the first link. ​

4. Pet age matters.

The New York Times reported on pet insurance in early January but made a snafu. The Jan. 8 New York Times correction:

“An article on Saturday about pet insurance policies, using information supplied by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, misstated how a pet’s age affects premiums for the company’s policies. The pet’s age affects the premium at the time of enrollment and as the pet gets older, not just at enrollment.”

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Corrections: Far Side of the Moon Pictures, Committee to Project Journalists?

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