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The Stanford Daily retracted a satiric article about prescription drug prices for not meeting its standards. The Stanford Daily is the student newspaper for Stanford University.

In a Feb. 12 retraction, the Daily said:

“On Wednesday, The Daily published a satire article on its website regarding Purdue Pharma and the cost of prescription drugs. The article did not meet our standards and was removed less than three hours after being published.”

While there is no apparent cache of the article available via Google or the Internet Archive, a Google search produces a couple of lines from the article which reads:

“Purdue pharma vows to make cripplingly addictive drugs more affordable for working class. The Sackler… company Purdue Pharma L.P vowed to make its cripplingly addictive products more affordable.”

iMediaEthics wrote to the Stanford Daily for more information; editor-in-chief Holden Foreman told iMediaEthics: “The article was not reviewed by me nor The Daily’s deputy editor (vice president) prior to publication. We received no complaints about the article. However, we deemed it insensitive and thus retracted it.”

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Stanford Daily retracts article of satire about Purdue Pharma

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