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(Credit: Marin Independent Journal)

Los Angeles resident Farzin Adeli is attempting to get a copyright on a graphic design image that incorporates Steve Jobs’ profile into an Apple logo, the Marin Independent Journal reported.

The image “went viral” in the days following Jobs’ Oct. 5 death.

Adeli, described as “an entrepreneur and graphic designer,” is quoted as saying that he “personally created and designed the graphic logo” immediately following Jobs’ death as a “remembrance for Steve.”

However, as the Marin Independent Journal explained, who first created the image is being disputed as there have been reports claiming a Hong Kong design student, Jonathan Mak, or a United Kingdom designer, Raid71, may have first come up with the idea.  Mak reportedly isn’t claiming to be the first with this image, though.

According to the Marin Independent Journal, Adeli argues that his image is “virtually identical to the one” used across the internet because of the colors and the Jobs profile.

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Copyright over Steve Jobs Apple image?

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